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Traded  clusters  are  geographic  concentrations  of  interrelated  industries.  The purpose of this paper is to identify the challenges in cluster policy formation in Kazakhstan and to offer recommendations on its improvement.

October 28, 2020

The key question of this article: "Is agriculture a driver of the economy of Kazakhstan?" In order to answer this question, we analyzed the required characteristics and compared the current industry indicators.

July 20, 2020

In recent years, an open discussion on the role and prospects of agricultural development has been actively pursued. It is this ambiguity that requires answers to fundamental questions:     What is agriculture in Kazakhstan? What is the role of the country's agricultural sector?

June 22, 2020

The competitiveness of any subject is one of its most important characteristics. The main goal of this study was to create a picture of the real competitiveness of Kazakhstan and its regions, so that in the future it could help the state and business in making strategic decisions.

June 17, 2020

One of our latest products is the CGE (computable general equilibrium) economic model adapted for Kazakhstan. As a basic computable model of general equilibrium, this tool allows to assess the influence of external factors and internal policies on the state of economy in general terms.

June 15, 2020

Based on population data, several questions interesting for businesses can be answered, such as: what locations should I expand in? is demand expected to fall? which consumer groups should be targeted? what trends are there? 

June 4, 2020